We are enthusiastic to create awareness about psychology

The panel at Intro Psyche wanted to communicate their knowledge of psychology with the world, so that everyone can benefit from the basic knowledge applicable in routine life. That is why our team made a decision to create a separate platform devoted to educating our viewers about the basics and different aspects of psychology; as a result IntroPsych.org was created.

Our motivation is to provide accurate details about psychology

The information at Intro Psyche comes from all the fields related to psychology
We deliver all the information that you need to become a psychologist
All the information provided is reliable and accurate
We do not mention assumptions as facts; we aim to provide valid information
You can get all the information you need about psychology through our newsletters
All the information is provided by a professional panel
We are available to aid you with your education

Our professionals are aimed at helping you excel in the field of psychology. We also provide guidelines on how you can enter a profession related to psychology. You can contact us with the information you require regarding any educational sources. We hope to influence your knowledge, as well as provide counseling if you want to enter a psychology related field.